Children from the Mantes-la-Jolie Rouge et Bleu school take part in two disability sport awareness days

As part of the third École S'Handifférence project, some 30 children from the Paris Saint-Germain – Les Enfants d’abord Rouge et Bleu School in Mantes-la-Jolie took part in two days dedicated to disability awareness and integration through sport. Organised in partnership with the Association Sportive Mantaise, the days were held on 21 and 28 May.

The events saw children from the elementary schools of Mantes la Jolie and specialist units in Les Yvelines (among them the Medical/Educational Institute (IME), day centres, and the Special Education and Home Care Services (SESSAD)) come together at the Rouge et Bleu School’s facilities, the Lucan and Camus gyms, and the Stade Jean Paul David to participate in sports and leisure activities taking disability as their theme.


Focusing on torball, wheelchair basketball, blind tennis, judo, blind obstacle courses and a variety of football challenges, a number of different workshops were organised, giving the young people present the chance to discover some new sports and raise their awareness of the problems people with disabilities have to deal with.


“This initiative ties in with a series of operations carried out by the Foundation this season and which aim to promote diversity and inclusion through sport,” said Sabrina Delannoy, deputy director of the Paris Saint-Germain Foundation. “These encounters with children with disability are enriching experiences for the children, who have no difficulty in engaging with others. Through workshops that reveal the constraints faced by persons with disabilities, we can raise their awareness of the difficulties they encounter and promote solidarity.”